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Sometimes, men enjoy delayed performance in bed, which gives them so much happiness. The desensitizers in India at our online sex toys store are sensational because these delay sprays work wonders on the male genitals and let men continue stroking to their heart’s content. What makes these sprays effective is their inner power to desensitize the penis and make it more robust to stroke constantly. In other words, the bed performances of men will undergo a significant transformation with these products.

The desensitizers in India are safe for the male genitals. Since the penis is the most sensitive organ in men, it should undergo proper hygiene and safety as well. It is not like those artificial gels or supplements that people use to trigger sex. Instead, it is made with herbal ingredients that work more effectively on the genitals.

One should know how to use a desensitizer. A little bit of spray at the tip of the penis gets the job done. It is advisable for one to spray ten to fifteen before the performance. The effect will be longer if applied within this time span. Men who fall prey to premature ejaculation will benefit the most from these desensitizers. Moreover, using these delay sprays gives men confidence in bed to perform better.