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GoGirl Female Urinate Device

The GoGirl Female Urinate Device in India is a well-known health and wellness accessory for women. This product aims to improve the health and hygiene of women willing to avoid public toilets and pee safely. It is like a compact cup where she needs to store the urine and wash it off occasionally. She can carry it with her, hold it under her vaginal area, and pee with ease. For this, she will not have to touch the urinal taps that usually stay unhygienic.

The GoGirl Female Urinate Device in India at our online sex toys store is very compact. Hence, one can easily carry it with her and use it accordingly. The beneficial aspect of this product is that it is reusable. So, every time one goes out, she can carry it easily. Furthermore, it is made of ABS plastic, which is durable and harmless for the skin. Also, cleaning it is hassle-free with some water and soap.

The GoGirl Female Urinate Device is accessible in a pocket. It is a reasonable substitute for visiting public toilets that bring bad aftereffects on one’s health and hygiene. The device comes in a funnel-like structure that makes it easier to store the urine. Moreover, it does not spill off and stays intact.