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Vibrating Panty

Among the most interesting female sex accessories, the vibrating panty in India is highly popular. This is nothing but a sensual undergarment that comes with a vibrating motor. Yes, this panty vibrates and leaves women with crazy kinky sensations. Women wear it to feel intense clitoral vibrations and also without utilizing their hands. To be specific, the vibrator attached to this underwear is a bullet vibrator that operates through a remote. So, when she wears it and goes around, she feels the tickles coming through the remote-controlled device.

The fabric with which the vibrating panty is made is soft and skin-friendly. So, when she will be wearing it, she feels comfortable. Be it anywhere, anytime, women would love wearing it while working. It would not bother her whether she is in the office or busy meeting her household chores. Instead, the tickles inside will keep her in a naughty spirit.

When it comes to wearing the vibrating panty, it is as easy as wearing normal undergarments. Nothing will be visible when worn properly inside the dress. To feel the vibrations, one has to make sure to fit it against the clitoris. This is to feel the tickles acutely right there. After and before use, this vibrating underwear at our online sex toys store should undergo proper cleaning.