Buy Moon Period Cup In India | Reusable Menstrual Cup

Moon Period Cup

A moon-period cup in India is a wearable holder shaped like a cup. It comes in different materials like silicone, latex, and rubber. These skin-friendly cups can go up to ten years. These cups can be worn straight for up to eight hours per day. You have to empty it according to your flow and clean it from time to time.

Our online sex toy store brought the Moon Period Cup in India thinking about women’s health. These female accessories are pocket-friendly and much more reasonable than sanitary pads. Hence, it will save money you would spend after buying hygienic napkins. Also, these cups are manufactured with absolutely skin and health-friendly chemicals. These cups prevent leaking and spilling. Other than that, it will also save you from the unwanted rashes, which one gets from pads. 

Moon Menstrual Cup will also prevent the bad odour that comes from the prolonged use of sanitary napkins. Due to the absence of toxic chemicals, there is no risk of cervical cancer, ovarian cancer or any other disease or infection. In other words, it is a fantastic addition to a woman’s health and wellness accessories. In other words, it is a brilliant way out to avoid public toilets.