Inflatable 3D Wife ILD-005
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Inflatable 3D Wife ILD-005

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Inflatable 3D Wife


What is Inflatable 3D Wife?

The Inflatable 3D Wife is a lifelike sex doll. It looks similar to a grown-up girl ready to unlock her erotic desires with a man. Its body is made of pure silicone and PVC that makes it safe, soft and easy to clean. Her complexion is also real that brings on a very natural look. Also, the doll is quite sturdy and weighs around 300 pounds/3 kgs.

What makes this Inflatable 3D Wife look irresistibly hot is its lifelike 3D face. Moreover, she has the most beautiful hair that lends her a very sensual yet sophisticated look. Her eyes are so appealing that one would fall for her in no time. Even the lips are so luscious that men would tend to lock them out of passion. Her ultra-soft mouth would also make men enjoy the smooches like anything.

As far as the private parts are concerned, the Inflatable 3D Wife has the sexiest breast. They look so real that men would just love clinging on to them. The nipples are very prominent and quite pleasant to grip and squeeze. The breasts have enough space to be filled with water so that they can look bigger and better. Men who fantasize to have sex with hot girls with big boobs will find this sex doll perfect.

Apart from breasts, this inflatable sex doll has a very realistic pussy. This pussy is made of silicone and looks exactly as that of a real one. Prior to penetrating it, men are advised to clean this area thoroughly with a toy cleaner or soap and water. This would clean it up well and make it safer for intercourse. To lend it a more real look, there is also artificial pubic hair.

The buttocks of this Inflatable 3D Wife are also quite realistically made. In fact, men would love to have anal sex with her. Since the anal opening is quite smooth to insert, it would never result in any pain or discomfort. This sex doll would rather give one the pleasure to have all types of sexual enjoyments.


Features of Inflatable 3D Wife

The inflatable 3D Wife has several exciting features that are sure to make men have fun for hours. Have a look:

  •          Body is fully made of silicone
  •          Completely skin-friendly and non-allergenic
  •          Expressive eyes with a natural eye colour
  •          Soft, realistic and penetrable vagina
  •          Perfectly shaped breasts
  •          Natural skin tone
  •          Height is 160 cm after inflation
  •          Dimensions: 88cm 61cm 89cm
  •          Weighs: 3 Kgs
  •          Size: 160 x 27 cm


Who can Use anInflatable 3D Wife?

The Inflatable 3D Wife has been designed for men of all ages. As these dolls come with lifelike feministic features, men would love to have physical intimacy with them. Men who are single can bring home this sex doll and enjoy doing intercourse. This would be a great pick for all beginners who are new to lovemaking.

Men who are not happy in their married life can bring home an Inflatable 3D Wife. For these men, the sex doll can act as the hottest girlfriend who is ready to get laid on bed. So, when their real life female partner is not present at home, these dolls will be their sex partner.

Men who are willing to masturbate in unusual manners can go for this Inflatable 3D Wife. They can insert their fingers inside the vagina and masturbate simultaneously with pleasure. Hence, it would be a great addition to one’s stock of sex toys.


How to clean an Inflatable 3D Wife?

There are a few simple and easy steps to use an Inflatable 3D Wife. Once you are aware of the procedure, you will have a blast with her. Have a look:

  •          Get all the cleaning materials like antibacterial soap, paper towel, baby powder, water, dry cloth, and light sponge
  •          Carry your doll to the bath tub
  •          With the help of the light sponge and antibacterial soap, clean the doll’s body thoroughly
  •          Make sure you don’t apply too much pressure when washing your doll
  •          Do not rub the body too hard and make sure the skin is safe and protected
  •          Clean the doll’s holes properly with warm water, soap and small swabs
  •          After washing, make sure to dry the doll
  •          Once dried, apply baby powder on the external part of the body
  •          After she is washed, cleaned and dried, you can prepare for action


What I Like about the Inflatable 3D Wife?

Some of the best things to appreciate about an inflatable 3D Wife are:

  •          It gives a real feel when penetrated
  •          Gives extreme pleasure when cuddled
  •          Every body part is flexible to move
  •          Takes no time to clean and maintain
  •          Makes a real human sexy voice



What I Don’t Like about the Inflatable 3D Wife?

The most common disliking factor for an Inflatable 3D Wife is its price. This is a reason why many people find it difficult to own a sex doll. This inflatable silicone doll is a bit pricey and therefore, seems to be unaffordable for many.

Secondly, these dolls have a fixed sound and not for any communication. So, one who wishes to communicate and make love with her might find it disappointing.


Where can I buy an Inflatable 3D Wife?

If you are keen to buy an Inflatable 3D Wife, it would be wise to visit Mumbaisextoy. Here one would find high quality product and the price would also be pocket-friendly. One can just place an order right from his home and get it delivered at the doorstep.

In comparison to buy from an offline store, visiting Mumbaisextoy would keep your purchase quite confidential. In fact, the packing would be made quite discreetly and delivered in quick time. Mumbaisextoy customer care support where one would be able to reach for assistance or any query in regard to the product. Overall, buying an Inflatable 3D Wife online would certainly be a lot more beneficial.





100% in-kind photos
Body can be inflated or water injection


Real mouth



Real foot and hand


 A:Sound device


Main Features:

1.Lifelike 3D face, lifelike hair 

2.Simulate real vaginal structure

3.Sexy Breast can be filled with water 

4.Hight quality hair, Oral sex , vaginal sex and anal sex are available.

5.Fixed silicone pussy with rooted pubic hair

6.Ultra-soft mouth and nipple,large breast

7.Composition:Advanced Medical material non-toxic PVC 

6.Lingeries in picture is sold seperately.

--Love dolls Can offord 300 pound force;

--soft silicone gel genital and nipple;

--Sex dolls with quite large soft breasts;

--Inflatable doll with vagina and anus, can anal sex;

--silica gel genital split design can be used independently as a masturbation cup.

--real love "make a sexy sound";


 Her chest tall,plump ,flexible ,abundancesexy legs slightly separated can give you the visual enjoyment ..soft ,flexible ,full body full of seductive charm ,lovely little vibration eggs can be placed in channel inside ,open switch ,it will gently swing ,bring you endless imagination internal device has vibration ,smoke and many other features folders are available for you arbitrary choice,the real stimulation ,pleasure constantly ,as long as the battery ,giving her power of love ,she would twist rhythmically swinging ,issued sexy voice.

 How To Use this sex products:

 1, After use of "toys" Because of high oil secretion and residual liquid, if time does not clean it, easy to breed bacteria, so start as soon as possible after use, please wash your "toys."

2, Cleaning should avoid switching, power supply, etc. cleaning the bathroom, while gentle rubbing with a finger while cleaning, do not use brushes or acid detergent.

3, After cleaning wipe with a dry cotton cloth most suitable, or high-quality paper towels are a good choice. Once at wiping it dry, and avoid sun exposure!

4, The final special cleaning fluids, or can be diluted alcohol (75%) to sterilize, but also sprinkle talcum powder before collection.

5, Remember that after use is required to remove the battery, do not stay in the toy inside, or it may have a battery corrosion! Collection can be flannel bag or bags for collection of dust, dry in the shade as much as possible can be.

 Wholesale - Pubic hair oral sex doll silicone vaginal sex adult seductive oral sex realistic mould toy the mouth open sofia

Inflatable 3D Wife now available online sex toys in Nagpur

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